AiM Solo GPS Lap Timer

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The all new Solo & Solo DL records your lap times along with speed, track position, lateral g-forces, linear g-forces, yaw rate, heading, slope, satellite reception, and battery voltage. Each channel recorded at a frequency of 10-times per second (10 Hz). All tests are stored with a time and date stamp for on-screen review or PC download for further analysis. Download your Solo data to the included full version of RaceStudio2, AiM Sport's professional data analysis software.

The Solo displays your lap times in numbers just under an inch in size, even aging eyes have no problem seeing them.

The Solo's internal lithium-ion battery will keep the Solo running for about 4 hours with the backlight on. Otherwise, a 12V connection to vehicle power keeps it charged and running off the vehicles battery.

GPS lap timing means not having to place a beacon track-side for lap times! It also means there’s no beacon to forget. There’s twenty-four lap timing satellites orbiting the earth – always on, and no batteries to replace.

The Solo is offered in two – Solo and Solo DL – and three optional kits:

Solo ($399) is the basic GPS based lap timer.

Solo DL ($699) adds data logging from the ECU (ie. rpm's, throttle, water temp, oil pressure, etc.) and can be used with stock and aftermarket ECU's (ie. AEM EMS, Hondata KPRO, factory Honda ECU) via CAN, RS232, K line or OBD2 connector.

Kit 1 (Solo) Includes:
Solo lap timer, USB cable, USB/AC power adapter, power cable w/2m wired car lighter socket, mounting bracket w/screws, user manual, AIM racing guide, AIM decal, software CD.

Kit 2 (Solo DL) Includes:
SoloDL lap timer, USB cable, USB/AC power adapter, 2m OBD2/power cable, mounting bracket w/screws, user manual, AIM racing guide, AIM decal, software CD.

Kit 3 (Solo DL) Includes:
SoloDL lap timer, USB cable, USB/AC power adapter, 4m CAN/RS232 ecu harness, mounting bracket w/screws, user manual, AIM racing guide, AIM decal, software CD.

The Solo/SoloDL kits do not offer any kind of mounting system – mounting support kits are available separately for windshield suction, handle bar, and double-bar mounting.

Additional Details

Arguably the best tool a driver can have for getting faster—predictive lap times. Chisel down those lap times and qualify better than you ever have before with the Solo's predictive lap timing. A constantly updating real-time display of your current lap pace. A time prediction resolved down to the hundredth of a second – and incredibly accurate. Optionally you can display a real-time +/- from your best lap time.

Every lap you drive is mapped with great precision, which not only allows you to correlate data to track position, but also overlay maps to analyze driving lines. Know exactly where you are gaining or losing time.

Hit the Solo's memory button when your session is over and up pops your best three lap times, along with session data of duration and distance. Hit MEM again and you get a full list of your lap times along with max straight speed and minimum corner speed for each lap. A third data review page shows a histogram view of your lap times where you can identify patterns of driving or the tires coming in – or going away.

Plot your Solo data over time or distance, xy plots, track position, create histograms and more. Overlay any number of laps from the same test of different tests. Correlate your data to track position.

Split Times – One of the most useful tools for analyzing driver performance and consistency is to break up the track into several sections and analyze sector timing and standard deviation within a test session. The Solo puts that powerful tool one click away on your PC. The track is automatically split up into straights and corners and a table provided with sector times for each and every lap. It also strings together your “theoretical best” lap, combining all your best sectors.


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