ATI Super Harmonic Street Damper

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ATI Super Damper standard harmonic balancers are specifically designed for high-rpm engines. Their proven elastomer is designed and tuned to eliminate harmful crankshaft harmonics that cause parasitic horsepower loss. They are actually two dampers in one–a 4 in. diameter inner damper and a 6 3/8 in., 7 in., or 8 in. diameter outer damper in two shells that bolt to the crank hub. These dampers are engineered to all but eliminate worn parts and timing problems. They're tunable in the field, rebuildable, and extremely efficient at all rpm.

Honda B-series – Street
(B16A/B, B17A, B18A/B/C, B20x)

ATI has designed a 5.5” damper for the Honda B-Series engine for high horsepower street use. This new design is a direct replacement for the stock OEM Acura Integra B18 and Honda CRV B20 damper. The heart of this unit is the tried and true “damper within a damper” design that has put ATI ahead of the rest. The outer shell has been machined with the necessary multigroove pulleys to utilize the factory serpentine belt set-ups. The damper includes a removable serpentine style power steering pulley for ‘94 and newer B-Series applications, with the V-groove power steering pulley available upon request for the earlier B-Series applications.
Total weight: 3.60lbs / Inertia weight: 2.20lbs

Honda K-series

ATI Performance Products has developed Super Dampers for the new Honda K-series engine for ‘02 Honda Civic Si & Acura RSX for both street and racing applications. The street version (Part # 918477) comes with 360° laser-etched timing marks and features a single serpentine belt drive on the outershell to utilize the factory serpentine belt set-up. Race dampers allow for the mounting of a dry sump oiling drive gear to the front of the pulley. All K-series Super Dampers exceed SFI 18.1 Safety Certification and are approved for NHRA & IHRA competition.
Total weight: 5.00lbs / Inertia weight: 3.40lbs

Accord (F-series) and Prelude (H-series) damper applications available upon request.

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Brand: ATI
Engine: Honda B-Series, Honda H-Series, Honda K-Series
Application: 1994-2001 Acura Integra (All Models), 2002-2006 Acura RSX (All Models), 1999-2000 Honda Civic Si, 2002-present Honda Civic Si, 1994-1997 Honda Delsol Si VTEC

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