Ballade Sports Honda S2000 Heavy Duty Inboard CV Joint Assembly Kit

$ 199.99

Ballade Sports Heavy Duty Inboard CV Joint assembly addresses the ongoing problem with bearing wear to the Inner CV Joints. This unit is CNC machined out of 8620 alloy forged steel and has been heat treated. The housing itself is a ONE piece design with a modified bearing track for reduced friction. The OEM factory unit is originally a 2-piece design with an inertial weld. The internals of this product use the same style tripod roller bearing assembly as OEM Honda, but features high performance needle bearings within each roller, unlike the OEM Honda bearing. This unit is proven to last longer and reduce friction rotation than the OEM unit. The housing is larger in overall diameter increasing strength and uses HTS2 high temperature axle grease.

The kit comes complete to rebuild one factory axle.
Please make sure to select a quantity of (2) when ordering for two inner CV joint rebuilds per side of the transmission.

Kit Includes

1 CV Joint housing
2 snap rings
2 stainless steel clamps
1 tripod roller bearing assembly
1 HTS2 grease tube
1 CV boot

Brand: Ballade Sports
Engine: Honda F-Series
Application: 2006-2009 Honda S2000, 2000-2005 Honda S2000

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