EBC USR Series Rear Slotted Sport Rotor Kit – Honda/Acura

$ 117.07$ 248.35

Brand: EBC Brakes
Engine: Not Applicable
Application: 1990-2001 Acura Integra (All Models), 2002-2006 Acura RSX (All Models), 2004-2008 Acura TSX, 1990-1997 Honda Accord, 1993-1995 Honda Civic EX, 1999-2000 Honda Civic Si, 1992-1995 Honda Civic Si, 1990-1991 Honda CRX Si, 1993-1997 Honda Delsol Si, 1994-1997 Honda Delsol Si VTEC, 1992-2001 Honda Prelude (all models), 2000-2009 Honda S2000



USR Series Sport Slotted Rotors by EBC®. These replacement brake rotors feature multiple slots in a narrow, more angled pattern to create a quieter running surface with a superior level of cooling. Vented center provides even temperature moderation to avoid warpage, and protective finish provides corrosion resistance on non-contact areas. Recommended for use with EBC Greenstuff, Yellowstuff, and Redstuff pads.

Kit comes with 2 directional slotted rotors (1 left, 1 right).

USR Rotor Features
Created to be the lowest noise brake rotors designed for performance applications
Recommended by EBC for use with Greenstuff, Yellowstuff, and Redstuff pads
Angled slots on rotor surfaces allow superior expulsion of heat, water, brake dust, and friction gases
Two sets of slots on rotor surfaces provide even pad wear which creates flat, parallel rotor wear without ridges from developing
Vented centers feature an aperture for air to pass between both rotor sides for superior cooling
Rotors feature protective finish to provide corrosion protection for all non-contact areas
Brake rotors are unidirectional to the left and right side of your vehicle to maximize effectiveness
EBC recommends a 500 mile break in period with lighter braking application
6-month/3,000 mile manufacturer warranty against premature rotor wear under normal driving conditions

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90-91 CRX Si, 92-95 Civic Si, 93-97 Delsol Si/Si VTEC, 93-95 Civic EX (w/ABS), 99-00 Civic Si, 02-03 Civic Si, 04-05 Civic Si, 06-11 Civic/Si, 90-01 Integra (excl. Type-R), 97-01 Integra-R, 02-06 RSX Base, 04-08 TSX, 92-97 Accord (EX & V6), 92-96 Prelude (all), 97-01 Prelude (all), 00-09 S2000