JRZ RS Double Adjustable Twin Tube Damper | Civic/Integra

Brand: JRZ
Engine: Not Applicable
Application: 2013-present Scion FR-S, 2013-present Subaru BRZ

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he JRZ damper is an advanced development in high performance shock absorbers. The JRZ RS is a high gas pressure double adjustable twin tube damper, without the use of an external reservoir.

Following JRZ’s design philosophy, the JRZ RS has a large diameter piston rod in strut applications and a 16 mm in aluminium damper applications. This means responsive chassis control at even the smallest suspension movements.

The large piston rod in combination with the high nitrogen gas pressure creates a lifting force giving great chassis control without using a high spring rate.

JRZ’s own twin tube design uses a smaller diameter piston that gives a smooth feel during street driving. Working in conjunction with their blow off compression valving patterned from JRZ racing dampers, the JRZ RS valving is the perfect marriage between daily driving and club racing.

To work with all ranges of spring and driver needs, the JRZ RS has an extra large adjustment range. With a few clicks you can turn your smooth street car into a crisp, rock solid track car in seconds.

16mm piston rod
Pre-set high gas pressure
Piston developed for street & track
Double adjustable
12 clicks compression front, 9 clicks for rear
12 clicks rebound
No canister
Large adjustment range
Easy installation
Long service life
Street ride racing performance
Applications available for prepared & stock class racing
Street/DE, club racing, prepared class racing
Hyperco springs
Any custom spring rate of your choice, for any JRZ Suspension order!
(please include spring rate specs in comment field when ordering)
These features culminate in the ultimate street and track damper. The JRZ RS is shipped as a bolt on kit with installation instructions and always comes with the personal service JRZ is known for.

Using the best materials, coatings and aerospace standard manufacturing processes; the JRZ RS is designed for long life. Unlike many clubsport dampers, the JRZ RS can be run for thousands of miles with no loss of performance or leakage.

Adjustment is easy to perform and comes with the knowledge basis only JRZ provides to its customers.