Moroso K-series Street/Strip Oil Pan

$ 463.96

Brand: Moroso
Engine: Honda K-Series
Application: 2002-2006 Acura RSX (All Models), 2004-2008 Acura TSX, 2002-2005 Honda Civic Si

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Whether you drag, oval or road race, Moroso has the oil pan your engine needs specially designed for front or rear wheel drive sport compacts. Each pan is fully fabricated from aluminum or steel, with race proven features that control oil for maximum power. The key is to keep the crankshaft free of excess oil which allows the engine to spin freely and achieve its full power potential.

Key Features:

Designed from the factory 02-06 RSX Type-S oil pant, this baffled pan is to be used with the Acura RSX Type-S oil pump assembly*
Oil Pan has a thick steel rail with a sump that is 5.5″ deep, 16.75″ long and 9″ wide
Features a race proven trap door assembly and anti-slosh baffle that keeps oil contained in oil pump pickup area during road racing and drag racing
Extra capacity: holds two more quarts than stock
1/2″ NPT fitting for supercharger or turbo drain back
1/2″ NPT fitting for oil temperature sender
Magnetic drain plug

Vehicle Fitment Guide:

02-05 Civic Si (K20A3** requires Type-S oil pump upgrade)
02-06 RSX Base (K20A3** requires Type-S oil pump upgrade)
02-06 RSX Type-S (K20A2/K20Z1 100% plug n play)
04-08 TSX (K24A2** requires Type-S oil pump upgrade)
06-11 Civic Si (K20Z3** not compatible)
JDM EP3/DC5 (K20A 100% plug n play)
JDM CTR FD2 (K20A** not compatible)
K-series engine swapped chassis:
88-05 Civic, 90-01 Integra, 90-97 Accord, 97, 07-08 Fit, 92-96 Prelude

*Designed to be used with the Acura RSX Type-S oil pump assembly. 100% compatible with K20A2, K20Z1, and JDM K20A DC5/EP3 engines.

**A Type-S oil pump upgrade is required for K20A3 and all K24 engines. A K20Z3 engine is compatible with this pan in a swapped chassis scenario only (see list above). It is NOT compatible within an 06-11 Civic Si chassis or JDM CTR FD2 chassis.

OEM Type-S oil pump part #15100-PRB-A01 and Acura RSX Windage Tray OEM Part #11211-PNC-000 are both required.